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Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Be a gentleman boys

Be a Gentleman Boys

ATTACk” The fierce yaks shouted, as they charged into battle.

The King of the yetis stepped forward and called his army into battle as his Queen lay on her bed close to death.

After what seemed like hours of a bloody battle only the King of the yetis and the King of the Yaks remained. The King of the yaks charged into battle, his horns aiming right at the head of the Yeti King. The Yeti king tried to use his shield to his advantage but he was too late. The King Yeti fell to the ground, turning the white snow red. The queen rushed to his aid with tears running down her face. But when she got there it was too late her dear husband was gone and there was nothing she could do about it.

Many years later, the new queen knew she must find a new king to help protect her kingdom from any future attacks by the yak hordes. The queen decided to hold a competition to find a new king.

The queen sat on her chair looking down on the contestants she saw strong yetis and smart yetis, young yetis and old yetis, almost every type of yeti you can imagine.

There was almost 1000 yetis and the queen knew that this would be the hardest decision of her life. There were three competitions the first one was a competition of strength, the winner was a muscular yeti named Connoria. The second competition was a running race, this was won by a skinny yeti named Aravia and the third competition was an obstacle course that was won by the yeti named Bostonia. But it was after the race that the queen was surprised to see one yeti giving the contestants water and shaking their hands. The yeti then asked if the queen needed help coming down from her throne       
That yeti was called Liamnia and while he wasn’t the strongest, fastest or most agile yeti he had the characteristics the queen was looking for.
The queen walked down from her throne ready to announce her king, “My new king is the yeti Liamnia, for he has shown kindness and empathy to his fellow yetis”.

The king known for his empathy, kindness and wisdom organised a meeting with the King of the Yaks. After hours of discussion Liamnia had brokered a peace treaty with the yaks. The kingdoms of the yetis and yaks lived a peaceful existence from then on.


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  1. Ka pai Liam! I loved your descriptive language! Keep It Up!!!