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Wednesday, 2 May 2018

The Chameleon Documentary

The Chameleon Documentary

Did you know a chameleon is a animal part of a family called chamaeleonidae. A chameleon can rotate their eyes 360° in every direction. It also doesn’t have any ears therefore it’s deaf`.

A chameleon is a colorful, elegant creature that can change to the most vibrant colors depending on it's mood. Their parrot like feet cling onto branches well they wait for their next meal.

A Chameleon has four legs, a small bump on it’s head and a curly tail. A Chameleon has a long sticky tongue to grab prey. A Chameleon body has scales from head to tail it also has a tail the curls up into a very satisfying ball. There are 89 species of these eye catching, unique creatures. A length of a chameleon is 1mm just kidding it’s surprisingly 23-33cm long and it’s 15 mm tall

Chameleons lives in rainforests and deserts. They also live in the mainland of sub-Saharan Africa and on the island of Madagascar, although a few species live in northern Africa, southern Europe, the Middle East, southern India, Sri Lanka, and several smaller islands in the western Indian Ocean.

Chameleons are amazing predators, capturing their prey by a like grip whipping out their tongues with incredible perfection. They can even capture prey weighing up to 30% of their own body weight.

In conclusion we think that chameleons are extraordinary creatures and a unnatural animal that should be protected by the human life. Scientists think that chameleons change colour depending on their mood or if there blending in. Do you think you want to be a chameleon?

I think we enplaned the process well 

and I think we need to work on finding more research  

Thursday, 12 April 2018

My Dearest Family

My Dearest Family,

Day 68

The war has almost finished, The sound of gunshots and Bombs exploding has deafened my ears, and I haven't had a solid meal for weeks. Two soldiers died today one was shot on no man's land and the other knew he wasn’t going to make it so he tragically committed suicide. The sky is filled with mat black smoke as bombs are launched back and forth for hours on end. It's getting colder by the day, I think I might be coming down with frostbite. The dirt in the trenches are now starting to turn into mud that could devour your legs up to your knees in the next minute.

Day 73

There are seven of their men left and seventeen of ours we are going to charge at them tonight. Insects are biting me like mad and I have turned into what feels like skin and bones. and the nits feel like there digging a hole to enter my brain, and my body is constantly in a daze I think I might be coming down with trench foot as the grimy, gruesome mud is now just above our knees we lost 5 soldiers since we last spoke all 5 five tried to charge the enemy but were blown up doing it.

Day 75

The enemy retreated today we have one the war but I have just seen my foot it's starting to go purple I have definitely got trench foot I might not make it, hope to see you guys in the near future.

Day 77

I have been checked by several doctors and have had lots of medicine and I have been given the all clear. can't wait to see everyone. Please have A nice big,hot dinner with all the family waiting for me when I get back. can't wait to see everyone,

Love Liam  

Thursday, 15 February 2018

Football madness

Purpose: to entertain Audience: children to Adults Football madness “Hi . Im Liam” I collect footballs. I have all of the greatest footballs from the EA cup final ball of 2018, to the 2014 Fifa world cup ball. I have all of the most amazing footballs except for one. This ball is about $110 to $150 it's the Fifa world cup ball. It is going to be used for the Fifa World cup 2018. The world cup hasn’t even started yet and I have to get that ball before it does. This ball is so valuable their are only 100 of them in the world and today is the day I get one … Finally at the store my eyes light up looking at this prized possession. Finally I make a dash for the football. “$120” the man said at the cash register. I gave him the money. “But watch out, that football has special power” and before he could finish I ran out of the store…

 The next day I woke up at about 6.00am in the morning so I got ready. I put on my football boots ready to go for my first kick around. BOOM! I hit the ball right in it's sweet spot but I realised r that the ball curved like mad. I rushed to grab the ball to kick it again when it electrocuted me “Ahhh” so I tried dribbling it back but it electrocuted me again so I grabbed a plastic bag, scooped the ball up and took it home… I woke up the next day with the ball still in its bag .I went out for another kick around down in our local park in Liverpool. So there I was, ready to kick the ball, hair was blowing in the wind then I walked up to the ball the intensity ran in my veins then BOOM! I hit the ball and it transferred into a beautiful knuckleball quickly heading towards the top bins. CLACK! The ball came off the crossbar and went in the goal. My jaw dropped in astonishment as I celebrated. I texted my friends to come down with a football… After a hard penalty shootout I thought it was to call it a day as much as I wanted to's getting late and my parents wouldn’t be pleased if I stayed for any longer, plus I haven’t even had dinner yet and tonight we're having mash potato, peas and fish tonight … later that night I couldn’t sleep, “what am going to do tomorrow” I whispered “That ball Is a MIRACLE” I whispered a little too loudly “Go to bed Liam” Mum said from downstairs “will do Mum” I shouted back…

 Lets see If I can curl the ball like Roberto Carlos Nooo NO-NO-NO-NO-NO My ball, it's gone, I went out to look for it hoping it Would be in the garden Where is it I said… I grabbed my bike and headed Off to do a lap round the park hoping to see my ball oh no I whispered that thirteen year old has it, Bill his name. So I sprinted My bike into the carpark and lock it up and hopped it doesn’t get stolen too. “Can I have my ball back” I said to him “No” he said angrily what for?. Come on it's mine I paid for it fine but you have to beat me in a penalty shootout. If you win you get your ball back but if I win. I get your bike deal I say Stupidly. I’ll take mine first. Bang he hits the ball that went bottom corner “Damit I shout” in total frustration as I picked up the ball and headed to the penalty spot. Bang I hit the ball as hard as I could and it went into the side netting… we kept scoring and scoring until now Bill struck the ball as hard as he could once again and it hit the crossbar. Bill shouts in anger. Then I took my shot booting it as hard as I Could and I sended it curling into the top bins “Yes” I shout as Bill leaves, confused… later that day I had put the ball into the adic never to be seen again.